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Anniversary Gifts

1291384469-0256 Traditional: Paper (Artwork, Love Letters, Gift Certificates etc)
Modern: Plastic (Kithchen Appliances, Household Items, Tupperware etc)
Alternate Modern: Clocks (Watches, Personalized Clocks etc)
1291384484-0624 Traditional: Cotton (Cotton Clothing, Linens, Cushions etc)
Modern: Cotton & Calico (Lingerie, Decorative Rugs etc)
Alternate Modern: China (Vases, Candle Holders, Serving Dishes etc)
1291384494-0698 Traditional: Leather (Handbags, Luggage, Desk Sets etc)
Modern: Leather (Leather Clothing, Organizer Folder etc)
Alternate Modern: Crystal & Glass (Glassware, Mirrors, Vases etc)
1291384507-0138 Traditional: Fruit & Flowers (Fresh Flowers, Exotic Fruit Basket, Floral Perfume etc)
Modern: Linen, Silk, Nylon (Lingerie, Silk Pajamas, Silk Purse etc)
Alternate Modern: Appliances (Beauty Aids, Furniture etc)
1291384518-0001 Traditional: Wood (Wood Furniture, Jewelry Box, Artworks etc)
Modern: Wood (Gardening Gifts, Wood Jewelry, Plant etc)
Alternate Modern: Silverware (Silver Serving Dishes, Tea Set, Candlesticks etc)
1291384527-0753 Traditional: Candy & Iron (Chocolates, Candied Fruit etc)
Modern: Wood (Cast Iron Cookware, Iron Sculptures, Tungsten Jewelry etc)
Alternate Modern: Wood (Bookcase, Bonsai Plant, Furniture etc)
1291384537-0752 Traditional: Copper & Wool (Copper Jewelry, Copper Vases, Wool Clothing etc)
Modern: Brass (Brass Jewelry, Brass Sculpture, Brass Furniture etc)
Alternate Modern: Desk Sets (Stationary, Leather Briefcase etc)
1291384561-0615 Traditional: Bronze & Pottery (Bronze Bookends, Bronze Mirror Frame etc)
Modern: Bronze & Appliances (Bronze Feng Shui Fountain, Small Appliances etc)
Alternate Modern: Linens (Bed Linens, Table Linens, Clothing)
1291384570-0086 Traditional: Pottery & Willow (Sculptures, Flower Pots, Dinnerware etc)
Modern: Pottery (Pottery Earrings, Pottery Classes etc)
Alternate Modern: Leather (Watch, Purse, Handbag etc)
1291384581-0827 Traditional: Tin (Tin Jewelry, Tin Cufflinks, Tin Decorative Mirror etc)
Modern: Aluminum (Fishing Gear, Wind Chimes, Garden Decorations etc)
Alternate Modern: Diamond (Jewellery, Cufflinks, Tapestries etc)
lace front wigs Traditional: Steel (Clock, Steel Knife, Steel Vase etc)
Modern: Steel ( Steel Jewelry, Stainless Steel Picture Frame etc)
Alternate Modern: Jewelry ( Watch, Cufflinks, Jewelry Box etc)
1291384611-0093 Traditional: Silk & Linen ( Linen Sheets, Silk Cushions etc)
Modern: Silk & Linen ( Silk Flowers, Linen Clothing etc)
Alternate Modern: Pearl ( Pearl Jewelry, Trip to Japan etc)
1291384621-0674 Traditional: Lace ( Curtains, Handkerchiefs, Pillows etc)
Modern: Lace ( Lingerie, Lace Mantel Scarf etc)
Alternate Modern: Textiles ( Clothing, Teddy Bears etc)
1291384635-0525 Traditional: Ivory ( Elephant Photography and Artwork, Imitation Ivory Carvings etc)
Modern: Ivory (Ivory Coloured Flowers, Elephant Shaped Jewellery etc)
Alternate Modern: Gold ( Gold Ring, Earrings, Bracelet etc) Traditional: Crystal ( Baccarat, Bowls, Crystal Flowers etc)
Modern: Glass ( Prisms, Sunglasses, Glassware etc)
Alternate Modern: Watch ( Dress Watch, Vintage Watch, Wall Clock etc)
1291384655-0190 Traditional: China ( Fine China, Wedgwood, Moorcroft etc)
Modern: China ( Personalized Ceramic Gifts, Trip to China etc)
Alternate Modern: Platinum ( Platinum Flowers, Platinum Jewellery etc)
1291384666-0127 Traditional: Silver ( Silverware, Vases, Jewellery etc)
Modern: Silver ( Money Clips, Key Rings etc)
Alternate Modern: Silver ( Engraved Gifts, Belt Buckles etc)
1291384675-0114 Traditional: Pearl ( Jewelry for Women, Pink Pearls, Freshwater Pearls etc)
Modern: Pearl & Cloisonne ( Cloisonne Jewelry, Cloisonne Home Decor etc)
Alternate Modern: Pearl (Off White Clothing, Inlaid Mother of Pearl Boxes etc)
1291384685-0175 Traditional: Coral ( Red Coral Jewelry, Bookends, Candleholders etc)
Modern: Coral & Jade ( Black Coral, Jade Jewelry, Jade Chess Set etc)
Alternate Modern: Jade ( Jade Sculptures, Jade Bonsai etc)
1291384696-0339 Traditional: Ruby ( Ring, Necklace, Brooch etc)
Modern: Garnet ( Garnet Jewelry, Red Art Glass)
Alternate Modern: Ruby ( Red Scarves and Ties, Red Lingerie etc)
1291384740-0003 Traditional: Sapphire ( Ring, Earrings, Bracelet etc)
Modern: Sapphire ( Blue Home Decor, Blue Home Art etc)
Alternate Modern: Sapphire ( Blue Lingerie, Blue Clothing etc)
1291384754-0353 Traditional: Gold ( Gold Pendant, Bracelet, Watch etc)
Modern: Gold ( Gold Flowers, Kruger Rand etc)
Alternate Modern: Gold ( 50th Keepsake Gifts, Gold Silk Robe etc)
1291384766-0165 Traditional: Emerald ( Emerald Jewelry, Dark Green Art Crystal etc)
Modern: Turquoise ( Turquoise Jewelry, Light Blue Artisan Gifts etc)
Alternate Modern: Emerald ( Dark Green Clothing, Dark Green Lingerie etc)
1291384779-0287 Traditional: Diamond ( Bracelet, Earrings, Pendant etc)
Modern: Gold ( Gold Jewelry Box, Gold Collector’s Coin etc)
Alternate Modern: Diamond ( Black Diamonds, Fine Crystal Gifts etc)