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Wedding Planner

10 – 6 Months

  • STYLE is going to influence everything, season, time of and the theme of the wedding
  • DECIDE on the size and budget
  • BOOK a venue and make sure about their smoking policy.
  • BOOK a church
  • ARRANGE a get together to compile a list of guests. Remember to involve both families, you are going to need them soon!
  • BOOK the caterers
  • ORGANISE the transport.
  • IF you suspect your honeymoon might be over the border, get your passport ready.
  • BOOK a photographer and or videographer
  • BOOK entertainment (DJ/Band) for the reception
  • BOOK a designer/dressmaker for your wedding gown and bridesmaids’ dresses
  • VISIT the minister and organist and make arrangements for the ceremony. find out if they allow confetti – many churches have special requests regarding that.
  • DECIDE what you are going to do about invitations.

6 – 3 Months

  • FINALISE your guest list
  • ORDER or make your own stationery
  • ORDER a wedding cake, if it is not being supplied by the caterer
  • BOOK accomodation for the wedding night
  • GO shopping for the honeymoon as well as for gifts for the ushers, attendants and your husband-to-be
  • BUY or hire the groom’s outfit and make sure the men in the bridal party know what sort of clothes they are expected to wear
  • IF your engagement ring needs alterations discuss it with you jeweller
  • MEET again with the officiating officer and arrange a rehearsal
  • BOOK the musicians for the ceremony and discuss your requirements with the organist
  • MAKE an appointment with a lawyer, if you don’t want to get married in community of property and to explain your options.
  • BOOK your make-up artist as well as your hairdresser for the day and for a rehearsal

3 – 2 Months

  • POST your invitations at least 6 weeks before the wedding
  • BUY his wedding band
  • FINALISE the menu with the caterers
  • VISIT the florist and order bouguets, buttonholes and corsages. (Discuss the flowers for the ceremony and the reception)
  • BUY your shoes and underwear for the day
  • KEEP a list of replies to your invitations

1 Month

  • VISIT your hairdresser and remember your veil or headdress to check if the style will work
  • VISIT the make-up artist for a test
  • DECIDE on reception seating and write the place cards
  • COLLECT your dress and accessories and make sure everything fits (Keep it in a safe and clean place)
  • CHECK that the bridesmaids dresses are finished and that they fit
  • GET confirmation in writing from each and every person. If necessary fax them a map and an emergency cellphone number for the wedding day